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Dog Clothes

Here are a few main reasons why people are chosing to dress there dogs in apparel. They include:

  • keeping your dog dry and warm
  • dressing your dog up to match your style or create a style of his/her own
  • to draw attention to your or your dog.

You have to admit, who can resist approaching the owner of a cool dog that's dressed to take on the town?

Summer Dog Clothes

Just like humans, the sun can harm your best friend too. Skin cancer is a big risk for all dogs but especially light or short haired dogs and it is even worse if you leave your dog outside all day. This is what we have to help your dog:

  • Sun Suits
    Designed to cover your dog from neck to tail & toe's the Dog SunSuit is the perfect garment to help protect your dog from the sun's harmful rays. Made from a UV resistant fabric the sunsuit will help protect your dog from skin cancer. It is specially designed to protect the underbelly, which is the most prone part of the body to get skin cancer as the dogs love to lie outside on their backs, and let your dog go to the toilet.

  • Dog Hats
    The ideal fashion accessory to protect your dog's face and eyes. Our hat's are shaped to fit all heads and come with a velcro strap to ensure they stay on.

  • Dog Shirts
    They come in 2 different fabrics; cotton & velour, which provide protection from the sun and also look very cool and stylish. They are perfect to keep your dog warm in spring but help protect your dog from the summer sun.

Winter Dog Clothes

Wether its raining and wet or just cold, there are a number of types of dog clothes to keep your dog warm and dry as it is very important. Your dog needs special care in winter as low temperatures, winds and rain can lead to illness and death. They must be kept warm at all times, inside and outside, and this includes if and when you excersise your dog in the cold. Take a look at these items to keep your dog warm:

  • Dog Coats
    The more traditional way of keeping your dog warm, the dog coat is made from fabric that will keep your dog warm just like a blanket. But tough enough to handle the rough wear and tear of a dog.

  • Dog Rain
    Coat You need to keep your dog dry when it rains as it takes longer for your dog to dry off once wet which makes them more vulnerable to becoming sick. But also, a wet dog can become very smelly. This is because their skin releases natural oils that can become smelly. And remember it is much colder when you are already wet. So remember to put your dogs rain coat on before you take them out when it is raining.

  • Dog Fleece Coats
    With a lovely and warm fleecy coat your best friend will be warm and snuggly on those cold winter nights in a pair of our PetJamas. They are made with a pola fleece that stretches to make them easy to get on and off. Plus they are fantastic to help keep the dog hair off your lounge.


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