Porta Pup Dog Carrier

Finally a small dog carrier that is comfortable for both you and your dog!

If you ever pick up your dog to carry, then do yourself a favour and keep reading.

The amazing PortaPup™ (Porta Pup) is the most comfortable small dog carrier on the market. And to make it amazing we have put 3 products into 1!

With this small dog carrier you get:

  • Small Dog Carrier
  • Dog Coat
  • Lead
walking the dog with the Porta Pup carrying the dog with the Porta Pup carrying the dog over the shoulder in the Porta Pup
The shoulder straps can detach and lengthen to become a lead so you can walk your dog. When your dog get's tired join the straps and then carry him. If he get's too heavy just put him over your shoulder.

The PortaPup™ (Porta Pup) is the ideal small dog carrier.

It is easy to put on your dog and allows you to carry your dog just about everywhere. You will be amazed how versatile and convenient the PortaPup™ (Porta Pup) is.

Imagine going for a walk and your dog gets tired, just click the straps back in and you can carry your dog. No longer will you get tired lugging your dog around in your arm.

You will be able to walk into shops because your dog is off the ground and you will become the centre of attention as everyone will want to see who you have with you.

Find out how much Sara enjoys her PortaPup.

Small Dog Carrier Features

  • The PortaPupô (Porta Pup) comes in 2 fabric's, Faux-Fur and Drill.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable and detachable. Plus they are made of Nylon Webbing which is very durable.
  • For extra comfort the leg openings are bound with soft lycra ribbing.
  • We have 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. How to measure your dog.
red small dog carrier blue small dog carrier lime small dog carrier


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Drill - PortaPup
Starting From: AUD 59.95
Faux Fur - Porta Pup
Starting From: AUD 69.95