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Personalized Dog Collar

They’ll be asking where you get your
‘Designer Dog Collars’


Jack with Personalized Dog Collar

If you're sick of boring dog collars that become frayed, tatty and just fall apart, then I have good news for you:

You're going to fall in love with this website!

Have you been looking for a dog collar that will set you apart from everyone else?

A Designer Dog Collar that looks like it should be on a catwalk in Paris?

If you have then you simply can’t afford to leave us.

Imagine having other dog lovers saying to you:

  • I love your new dog collar, where did you get it from?
  • Your dog looks so cute in that dog collar?


And better yet, it is apersonalized dog collar with your dog’s name.

Each letter is made up of stunning crystals set in silver!

Imagine having your name written in crystals.

What better way for people to discover your name?

Do you spend $100’s on grooming your dog?

You probably spend $100’s on beautifying yourself but I bet you would not go out without jewellery. So why let your favourite pooch hit the streets underdressed?

Cooper with Personalized Dog Collar

Get your Designer Dog Collars now!

Your designer dog collar is designed to match your every outfit as it is black in color with crystal letters set in silver.

Being made from leather it is strong and durable but we made these dog collars with 2 layers of leather so it will add extra comfort and strength yet it is still light.

Our dog collars are Guaranteed to put a smile on your dog’s face!

If for some reason you or your dog do not like your dog collar you can return it.

At no risk to you, get your designer dog collar now!

These are the only dog collars that look like they are worth 10 times what they cost.

To order just choose the size, type the name of your dog and click the order button.

Measure Your Dog!

Size Length Hole 1 Hole 2
Small 42cm (16.5") 33cm (13") 37cm (14.5")
Medium 48cm (19") 40cm (15.75") 44cm (17.5")
Large 66cm (26") 57cm (22.5") 61.5cm (24.25")


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