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Puppy Pouch Dog Carrier

Puppy Pouch - Small Dog Carrier

Looking for a way to carry your small dog, where your arms are free so you can rummage through your handbag or pockets? A way where you are in comfort but still able to hug your favourite friend and at the same time keep him close to you? I bet you have been looking everywhere for one, I did!

As a pet owner myself, when I bought my Silky Terrier – Sammi, I wanted to take him with me everywhere. So I went looking for a small dog carrier, a bit like a back pack that sits on your front. You know the type, they carry babies in them. Well, as I couldn’t find a small dog carrier I decided to make it and have called it the 'PuppyPouch'.

The PuppyPouch (small dog carrier):

  •  keeps you and your small dog comfortable.
  •  keeps your dog safe & you relaxed as it can not walk off on you.
  •  free's up your hands so you can pay for things when shopping.
  •  stop's your arms from getting tired.

Small Dog Carrier Features

  • It comes in two types of fabric: Faux Fur print and Drill.
  • Velcrose opening to make it easier to insert your dog.
  • Swivel hooks to stop the straps from twisting.
  • Adjustable straps to suit any size person.
  • There is a hole for the tail to ensure your dogs comfort.
Custom small dog carrier
Custom small dog carrier.


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Drill - Puppy Pouch
Starting From: AUD 49.95
Faux Fur - Puppy Pouch
Starting From: AUD 59.95