Dog Coats

tartan coat

Discover how a Dog Coat will improve your Dog’s Life!

If I could show you the way to your dog’s heart wouldn’t you want to take it? If so then this might be the most important information you ever read.

Dog Coats:

  • provide warmth to your dog
  • keep your dog clean
  • your dog will be drier
  • reduces skin allergies
  • keep your dog happy
  • protect your dog's internal organs such as heart and lungs
  • protect your dog from the cold weather

And we all know that a healthy dog is a happy dog.

So how about having some fun with your Dog Coat?

If you are going to get a dog coat you may as well have some fun and dress your dog up?
All of our Dog Coats are very stylish and modern ranging from the traditional Tartan styles through to the fancy fauxfur.

Find out how to measure your dog.

Don’t you think your Dog’s health is worth it? Go ahead and order your dog coat now!


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Faux Fur Dog Coats
Starting From: AUD 32.50
Sequin Dog Coats
Starting From: AUD 29.95
Tartan Dog Coats
Starting From: AUD 29.95
Corduroy Dog Coats
Starting From: AUD 29.95